Where the original SPICY TUNA was born... スパイシーツナはこうして生まれた!
Asakuma Original Spicy Tuna S...

Asakuma Original Spicy Tuna Salad

Do you know how and where the famous spicy tuna was born?
The answer is Asakuma Sushi!!

In the late 80's, Asakuma had already started serving poke, an Hawaiian dish.
I am sure that many of you know poke by now, but not back then...
Chef Aki and his staff always got questions from clients,
"what's poke ????"

Instead of explaining with a long sentence,
Chef Aki explained to his clients simply,


Since then at Asakuma, poke in its many forms has been called Spicy Tuna. The name spicy tuna has become standard in the sushi industry!
How interesting!!

Please come see Chef Aki at Asakuma Beverly Hills!

Stay happy everyone!
by Morning