White Day 3/14
Love Photo by me

Photo by me


How many of you know about White Day in Japan?
It's exactly one month after Valentine's Day, guys give something back to the girls as to show his love and appreciations for the gifts they received on Valentine's Day.

Not like here in the US, Valentine's Day in Japan is the day for the girls to give gifts (usually chocolate) to the future boyfriends, boyfriends, husbands, fathers, or coworkers....

When I was in high school in Japan, I gave my "very first and the last" hand-made chocolates for a boy who I liked at the train station on Valentine's Day.
I carefully prepared chocolates and wrapped nicely, and I waited for him at the train station with my heart pounding...
He had no idea that I was gonna give him such a gift.

Well, it depends on the situation, if you are a boy, receiving chocolate from a girl on Valentine's Day means that the girl is asking for you to be her boyfriend.

Interesting thing is that the girls have to wait for a month for his answer...
What happened for me on that White day?
Means his answer was NO..... hahahahaha....Sad....

Anyway, for the ladies the pay-off comes a month later on March 14, when it's the guys' turn to give something back. With the name White Day,

Very interesting Japanese culture!
Thank you very much.

See you soon!
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